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Fire Extinguishers
Columbus Fire and Safety's factory trained, state licensed technicians can provide inspection and maintenance on all of your fire protection equipment. Columbus Fire & Safety can provide you with a complete package of services from a single supplier. Columbus Fire & Safety provides annual, semi-annual, and monthly inspections to give you peace of mind  that your equipment is up to code and ready to provide protection for people and property.

Columbus Fire & Safety provides the sales, service and inspection of a variety of fire extinguishers & suppression systems. Among the types we carry are:

Stored Pressure Extinguishers:

Water & Foam
Wet Chemical - Class K
Water Mist
Halon 1211
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Class D
(Combustible Metal Fires)
Dry Chemical - ABC
Dry Chemical - Regular
Dry Chemical - Purple K
Dry Chemical -
High Performance
Wheeled Extinguishers
Columbus Fire & Safety Equipment Company
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