CCTV Systems

Video Security is becoming more widespread everyday as a means of keeping track of employees, locations, entryways, and more. Originally designed to monitor safety concerns, video security is continually evolving making it the ideal solution for many types of businesses and home uses.

Businesses use video security systems to monitor employees, to trigger alerts in case of fire or motion, and to watch over entrances to buildings. Video security is also used in retail stores to reduce shoplifting and in financial institutions and convenience stores as a deterrent to robbery. Parking lots and garages, remote areas on college/university campuses, and hospitals are also popular locations for video security systems.

Why digital security?

There are four basic reasons why people want to use a digital video security system:

  • To help IDENTIFY perpetrators.
  • To help PREVENT accidents or wrongdoing.
  • To help PROTECT people and property.
  • To help OBSERVE processes.

Who can benefit from a CCTV System?

  • Homeowners can identify who is at the door, check on the baby or check the house if they are away.
  • Small Businesses can prevent or identify shoplifters or burglars and keep an eye on the business from home. Sadly, today, employee theft is now higher in retail than customer theft and monitoring retail employees is becoming necessary.
  • Industry & Research can monitor processes as well as maintaining security surveillance.
  • Education and Government can keep an eye on trouble spots.

What do I need?


The basic components of video security systems are a security camera, a display monitor, and a digital video recorder (DVR).

A complete state-of-the-art digital video security system will include quality CCD cameras connected to a digital video recorder system. This setup allows for password-protected viewing of live and recorded video at the DVR and/or from a PC or PDA connected to the Internet or to a LAN.

Such a video security system as described above can mean a significant improvement in loss prevention and safety control for businesses and in peace of mind for home owners