Fire Alarms

When the subject is fire protection, responsible firms throughout Alabama and Georgia turn to Columbus Fire & Safety. With over 40 years experience, CF & S has designed fire protection systems based on proven technologies for businesses both large and small.

Specializing in designing, specifying, installing and servicing of special hazard fire detection and suppression systems, Columbus Fire & Safety presently has over 1000 systems installed in the Southeastern United States. Here are some of the fire detection and suppression systems we offer

Fire Extinguishers
A portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire department arrives. Armed with the right type of fire extinguisher, a property owner can often extinguish or contain a fire before it becomes a major blaze.

Fire Detection & Alarm

Provides for notification and evacuation of personnel as a result of the manual operation of a pull station, the automatic operation of a smoke or heat detector, or the automatic operation of protective equipment (such as a kitchen hood system or clean agent system).

Fire Alarms (Detection) Systems are typically installed in any facility where the existing situation involves a distinct hazard to life or property.

Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

Pre-Action Systems

Gas, UV/IR, Optical Flame Detection Systems