Spectrex Flame and Gas Detectors


SharpEye Flame Detectors operate in the harshest environmental conditions and are self-contained stand-alone devices designed for direct connection to control and alarm systems or automatic fire extinguishing systems:

40/40 Series Flame Detectors
The exciting new range of 40/40 SharpEye detectors offer enhanced reliability and durability with a massive 5-year warranty and an enhanced detection distance.
20/20 Series Flame Detectors
The 20/20 Series Flame Detectors employ IR3, UV/IR, single UV and IR spectral techniques to suit a wide range of flame detection applications. These explosion proof approved (FM / ATEX) detectors are highly resistant.
20/20 Mini Flame Detectors
The 20/20 range also includes Mini IR3 and Mini UV/IR detectors which offer a lower cost, lower power, compact design in a general purpose (non-Ex approved) format. The 20/20MI IR3 is also available.
Spectrex provides a range of accessories to ensure that your SharpEye Flame Detectors are installed and operated correctly.



For flammable gas detection, we offer several open path solutions:

The SafEye Series 700 and 200 Open Path Flammable Gas Detectors use our “flash source” technology to offer the highest reliability and availability with high immunity to false alarms from sunlight and stack flares.
For toxic gas detection, we offer the SafEye Series 400 with “flash source” technology for the detection of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Ammonia (NH3) and aromatic hydrocarbons.
A Commissioning/Alignment Kit is needed on site to set-up and get your SafEye running, as well as for future checks. We also offer an I.S. approved hand-held unit.