Det-Tronics Flame and Gas Detection Technologies


Detector Electronics’ flame detectors are solutions for applications in which risk to personnel is high and where fire might result in a large loss of equipment. Beyond critical life-safety concerns, our products have proven to minimize total cost of ownership while minimizing false alarms.

Our industrial and commercial applications include oil and gas pipelines, turbine enclosures, off-shore platforms, Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels, automotive-manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangers, nuclear facilities, hydrogen-filling stations, and munitions plants.

Bottom line: no other company offers more flame-detection technologies with wider area coverage, higher false-alarm immunity, reduced response times, and the appropriate global approvals. And to improve ease of use, all X-Series flame detectors have HART-protocol options.



The Protect.IR X3301 and X3302 are the latest advancements in optical flame detectors. Designed to detect hydrocarbon or nonhydrocarbon fires, advanced signal processing techniques are utilized to maintain alarm capabilities with modulated blackbody and other false alarm sources present.

Features include increased range, sensitivity, coverage and false alarm rejection. Automatic optical integrity ensures reliability with a minimum of maintenance. Approved to FM 3260/2000. Can be installed as Class 1 Division 1, EEx de or EEx d.


  • Automotive
  • Compressors
  • FPSO
  • Hydrogen Stations
  • Hydrogen compressor skids
  • Offshore platforms
  • Solvent/chemical storage
  • Tank farms
  • Turbines



X5200 UVIR detectors are particularly suited for applications where hydrocarbon fires are likely and UV radiation sources may be present. They maintain constant fire protection while arc welding takes place.

Signals from both UV and IR sensors are processed to produce a fire alarm when both sensors detect a fire, resulting in good false alarm rejection capability.


  • Aircraft hangars
  • Loading Racks
  • Powder coating



Dual Spectrum® models feature dual wavelength IR flame detection technology, for maximum reliability and a new level of false alarm rejection.

PM-5MPX is for semiconductor fabrication tools and facilities. PM-9SBE is a fiber optically coupled IR detector.


  • Electrostatic painting
  • Gas cabinets
  • Hydrogen
  • Metal fab
  • Semiconductor
  • Solvent/chemical storage



X9800 single frequency IR detectors use signal processing TDSA and narrow frequency bandpass filter to detect radiation characteristics of hydrocarbon fires. The detector is completely solar insensitive.

IR detectors are suited for applications where high pressure hydrocarbon fires are likely to ccur and high concentrations of oil or airborne contaminants may be present.


  • Automotive Powder coating
  • FPSO
  • Offshore platform
  • Pipelines



X2200 UV detectors utilize a high speed, maximum sensitivity tube. Virtually all fires emit radiation in this band. The products’ unique design renders the UV detector solar blind.

Detectors are very flexible, general purpose indoor optical fire detection devices. They are fast, reliable and respond to most fires. UV detectors are available with Arc rejection for transient UV signal rejection.


  • Battery rooms
  • High temperature locations
  • Munitions
  • Powder coating


Direct retrofit detectors available with pulse output for use with R7404/R7494 controllers.

Relay Output Modules: Used with the controllers, these devices provide relay outputs and are available in a variety of configurations.

Power Supplies: Available to convert line voltage AC into DC operating power for the detection systems.

Mounting Cages: Available in a variety of sizes that hold from one to eight micro-module devices.


Det-Tronics integrates flame and gas detectors as well as other devices into a complete fire detection system. Comprehensive special hazard management systems are also custom designed for unique applications.

Eagle Quantum Premier is an NFPA-72 compliant, combination fire and gas detection and releasing system. This system offers unsurpassed functionality including high speed flame detection, programmable configuration as well as fire and gas logic and agent releasing capability, with high performance gas detection.

Each system can be customized to meet specific application requirements. System capabilities include design, engineering, assembly, wiring, documentation, testing and startup.


Our full line of hazardous gas detection configurations range from a variety of fixed gas combustible and toxic gas detectors to a complete line of display transmitters, gas controllers, power supplies, and gas control panels. Det-Tronics delivers the flexibility, functionality, and reliability you can depend on.

Combustible Gas Detection

Detecting hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon combustible gasses requires approved and reliable technology. Det-Tronics provides hazardous fixed gas detection solutions that keep our customers safe and satisfied. Ranging from a variety of fixed infrared and catalytic detectors to display transmitters, gas controllers, power supplies, and gas control panels, Det-Tronics delivers the performance, quality, and reliability you require.

Toxic Gas Detection

Detecting toxic gas requires approved and reliable technology. Det-Tronics provides toxic gas detection solutions that keep our customers safe and satisfied. Our sensor, display transmitters, gas controllers, power supplies, and gas control panels will deliver the performance, quality, and reliability your application requires.