• Dependable Drawn Steel Cylinders
  • All Metal Valve Construction


  • Leaves no residue
  • Reclaimed Halon 1211 is Restored to Original Military Specification
  • Uses All Recycled Gas in Accordance With The Montreal Protocol


  • Maximum Visibility During Discharge
  • No Electrical Conductivity Back to the
  • No Thermal or Static Shock
  • Bar Coded and Bi-lingual Labels

HALON 1211 is a liquified gas, pressurized with nitrogen, which discharges as a vapor causing no cold or static shock and no impairment of the operator’s vision. This “CLEAN” agent quickly penetrates difficult to see and hard to reach areas and leaves no residue. It is recommended for protection of delicate, sensitive and expensive computers, electrical equipment, tapes and film, automotive and aircraft engines, laboratory chemicals and equipment

Quality industrial grade hardware, “CLEAN” agent, light weight, good discharge range and excellent fire extinguishing ability make these the preferred extinguishers for the computer, electronic, telephone, banking and aircraft industries.

Amerex Models B369, B371,361



Amerex Models A344T, C352TS, C354TS, B355T