FM-200® extinguishes fire via a combination of chemically-based fire inhibition and cooling. It is environmentally acceptable, safe to use with sensitive equipment, fast-acting, efficient and effective. Developed as a Halon replacement, FM-200® has been selected by Janus as the best people-compatible, clean agent fire protection material for vital facilities.

Janus FM-200® fire suppression systems work hand-in-hand with state-of-the-art control and detection components to identify and extinguish fires, long before substantial fire damage can occur. Without changing your current control panel or detection systems, an existing system can easily be converted to FM-200®

Worldwide Applications:

  • Telecommunication Facilities
  • Computer Operations
  • Control Rooms
  • Shipboard (Marine) Systems
  • Rare Book Libraries
  • Universities and Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Record & Storage Facilities
  • Petrochemical Installations
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Facilities
  • Electronics & Data Processing Equipment